2017 Big Tex ChevyThe State Fair of Texas is not only one of the biggest events of Dallas, but also one of the biggest events of the state. Unfortunately if you haven’t been yet this year, there is only one weekend left. So we have brought together some of the things you can’t afford to miss.

The Lords of Gravity Basketball Slam Dunk Show is something for the whole family to enjoy. Adults and kids alike can watch the spectacle of people flying above and performing some truly amazing athletic feats. These athletes have worked with some impressive organizations such as Formula One and even our very own Dallas Mavericks.

The Waterloo Revival show on Friday night is something no country loving texan should miss. Waterloo Revival is a new age country band that has smashed out some hits. They have a fresh blend of familiar country sounds, and modern day lyrics. This show is not something you will want to leave behind.

Chainsaw Carving is one of the most impressive forms art to see live. These artist are able to bend and mold a piece of wood with nothing more than a two stroke motor attached to some sharpened chains. Not only are the chainsaw sculptures impressive, but the spectacle of the carving is amazing as well. If you haven’t seen chainsaw carving in action, now is the time to check it out.

If you go to the Texas State Fair, you will be all but required to try some of the very…. unique food that they have to offer. Love it or hate it, the deep fried foods are something everyone needs to experience. There are many options to choose from, but the one that shines above the rest is the “Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger”. Yeah that’s real. A “burger” with funnel cakes for buns, bacon for meat with queso spread inside. It is one of the two 2017 Big Tex Choice Award winners.

Your Guide for the 2017 Texas State Fair

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