Chevy OnstarEarlier this month Chevrolet announced that all Chevy owners in the United States with an in-vehicle OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot will now be able to purchase a prepaid unlimited data plan through AT&T for just $20 a month.

This offer, which began March 3rd, could be huge for millions of American Chevy drivers. Since June of 2014 Chevrolet has sold more than 3.1 million OnStar 4G LTE-connected cars, trucks, and SUVs. And, as of June 2014, Chevy has more vehicles currently on the road equipped with 4G LTE than any other automaker.

This isn’t just a coincidence either. In 2016, Chevy drivers used almost 200% more OnStar 4G LTE data in their vehicles than in 2015. This equated to an astounding 4 million gigabytes And, from July to December of 2016, Chevy noticed that nearly the same amount of in-car data was being used than the entire amount in the previous 2 years combined. In other words, of the available 3.1 million OnStar 4G LTE-equipped vehicles, 17.5 million hours of video were watched inside them.

Aside from the occasional hands-free call and access to music, most data isn’t actually being used by the person operating the vehicle. Commonly, a person’s passengers consume most of the available in-car data. This means children on road trips streaming movies and playing games, spouses checking their social media profiles, or carpooling co-workers keeping up with their work emails on their tablets and laptops. Before this plan came along, said driver would have been handcuffed by overage charges. But, not anymore. $20 a month covers everybody, for whatever amount of data you choose to use, on whichever devices are compatible with your OnStar 4G LTE system.

In essence, Chevy has found a way to keep drivers connected with unlimited data, and their passengers calm, cool and collected, without breaking the bank every month. Well done, Chevrolet!

The Lower Cost of Staying Connected

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