GM China In a show of international cooperation, U.S. based General Motors and the People’s Republic of China will soon be exporting each other’s vehicles into one another’s respective countries.

GM has plans to begin exporting their best-selling full-size pickup, the Chevy Silverado, as well as the midsize Colorado in order to bolster sales to an agriculture-heavy Chinese market. They will be assembled in the United States and then shipped to certain provinces in China.

Due to government bans on pickup trucks in some smog-infested cities, the Silverado and Colorado will only be available in the northern provinces of Henan and Hebei, the northeastern province of Liaoning, and the southwestern province of Yunnan. Yet, acquiring these trucks will come at a hefty price to Chinese consumers as the government continues to place a 25% tariff on all imported cars and light-duty pickups.

Buick Envision US

In turn, GM has set a precedent, allowing the Chinese-manufactured Buick Envision, a crossover SUV, to be exported to the U.S. It has been predicted by the automotive research firm IHS that they expect upwards of 38,000 Envisions to be sold in the United States in 2017. GM already has operations in China and, believe it or not, sells more vehicles there than inside the United States (according to CNN correspondent Chris Isidore, an estimated 157,000 units since 2011).

The GM/China Trade-off

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