Chevy Colorado ZR2The new Chevy Colorado just made its first competitive appearance at the endurance race “Vegas to Reno” and was completely street legal with manufacturer parts. This is a well-known off-roading race designed to test not only the driver, but the capability and reliability of the truck as well. The race spreads across 550 miles of brutal desert and takes over nine hours to complete.

Attacking this monstrous race with stock transmission and engine would be suicide for most other manufacturers, however Chevrolet showed no fear. In fact, the only custom parts put on the truck were “modified” versions of Multimatic spool-valve suspension.

Not only did the Colorado finish, but it landed in the top 25 as well. In a race, as large as this one with over 250 entrants and less than 150 finishing, this shows a promising start to what is hopefully a long career.

The Colorado ZR2’s strong showing at “Vegas to Reno” Off-Road Race

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