Which Chevy is Best for Your Dallas Family?

Dallas Family Truck

Photo via Flickr by Fabio Achilli

Some of the most iconic vehicles in America originate from Chevrolet. Take the sleek Camaro and Corvette. Their well-known silhouettes still top the wish lists of many. But sport and muscle cars are not their only forte. No. Chevrolet runs deeper. With more than 100 years under their belt, it’s no surprise that Chevy has mastered it all. Great attention to safety and an unwavering eye for design helps Chevrolet build an impressive list of options for your next family vehicle.

Consider these three for your next family car: (more…)

Chevy Updates the Trax for 2017

Smart Phone Compatible Chevy

Photo via Flickr by Janitors

The Chevrolet Trax is a small SUV introduced in 2015, and it became the second best-selling SUV in the United States during that first year, totaling over 63,000 vehicles sold. The auto manufacturer introduced a new version of the Trax this February, billing it as a “more expressive take” on the previous edition. Keep reading to learn about some of the specifics that make the Trax truly terrific. (more…)

Cruise to These 4 Fall Festivals in Dallas

Dallas festivals

Image via Flickr by VoxLive

Once the oppressive summer temperatures in Dallas have finally subsided, the weather provides an awesome opportunity to head outdoors. Luckily, there are many awesome fall festivals to keep you entertained all season long. If you’re looking to get out and about, make some new friends, and enjoy some great food, drinks, and music, make sure to cruise to these great fall festivals in Dallas. (more…)

Chevrolet’s New Fuel-Cell Concept

Chevy Fuel Cell Truck

Image via Flickr by RL GNZLZ

In November 2015, General Motors and the United States Army announced that they were developing a new type of fuel cell. Details about the project remain scarce, but GM and the Army have allowed some information to reach the press. The small amount known about the project shows that it may offer an innovative fuel-cell that will benefit the military in several ways. (more…)