Chevy Cruze for Sale

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Sometimes it seems like everyone in Texas has a huge truck or a monster SUV. Those are fun to drive, to be sure, but they aren’t the only cars that’ll suit a Dallas lifestyle. Think a little smaller and a little sleeker: the Chevy Cruze is a hot, slick car that drives beautifully and won’t eat up your gas money like payday is always tomorrow.

Great Handling in Dallas Traffic

The Cruze comes with a standard 1.4L turbo engine, offering 153 horsepower via a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. Overall, this engine is 44 pounds lighter than its predecessor and uses direct-injection technology to give you better speed and control. This car is pretty low to the ground, which gives you an edge when it comes to handling. Your commute may put you on the highway, or you may have to navigate the impatient traffic in Dallas streets, but either way your fuel economy is on-point. The Cruze offers a combined fuel economy of between 33 and 35.

An Exterior Hotter Than the Texas Heat

The Cruze looks seriously aerodynamic. Chevy took some cues from what worked on the Volt to make the Cruze into a streamlined, attractive car. The dual-grille on the front end plus Chevy’s “wedge” design work together to make a car that looks dashing and upscale at the same time. The Cruze doesn’t just look aerodynamic, either: it offers a drag coefficient of 0.29. You’ll be speeding by bulkier cars and SUVs on the highway. Just don’t be surprised if looks of envy follow you wherever you drive.

Interior Comfort to Die For

With an exterior that has a bit of a luxury flare to it, expect nothing less than the same upscale feel inside the Cruze. You get a couple of inches more leg room in the Cruze compared to competitors, which will make your taller passengers really happy. The dashboard is a black and chrome affair with swooping sporty lines. The Cruze is also an extremely safe car; the exterior and interior offer outstanding crash test ratings. Plus, you can opt for available safety technology like blind spot monitoring that will keep you from needing to test out any of those 10 airbags.

Superb Technology for Listening to Country

Okay, listening to Country music isn’t the only thing you can do in the Chevy Cruze. You’ve got a great infotainment system standard in the Cruze: the 7-inch touchscreen with Chevrolet MyLink. Integrate Apple Car Play or Android Auto to get your favorite Country playlists blasting in the interior of your Cruze. Cranked up on available Bose speakers, your favorite tunes never sounded better, and your commute never felt shorter. Plus, the Cruze offers available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

Can a small car handle a big Texas city like Dallas? The Chevy Cruze dares you to give it a try. You’ll be surprised how well this little car with fantastic handling, a snazzy interior, and great technology fits into your Dallas lifestyle.

Make Compact Cars Fun in Dallas With the Chevy Cruze

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