Image via Flickr by Jeff Schmitt Auto

Image via Flickr by Jeff Schmitt Auto

If you’re looking for a new car but want one that meshes well with the busy Dallas traffic, you’re in luck. If you’re tired of spending too much on gas, and are looking for a more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly car to get you around town, then the Chevy Volt is your answer. Car and Driver rated this hybrid sedan the No. 1 hybrid car, and Chevy is just continuing to make it even better. Here’s why the Chevy Volt is the car you should go for to get through that heavy Dallas traffic.

The Electrifying Hybrid

Not only does the Volt look sleek and powerful, but it’s revolutionizing the hybrid market. Many hybrid cars switch often between the electric and gas motor, with the electric motor usually just used as a helper for the gas motor. On the other hand, the Volt can run for 40 miles (on a single charge) with the electric motor only. After those 40 miles, the gasoline-powered motor kicks in.

The Volt doesn’t operate quite the same as a solely electric vehicle (e.g., the Nissan Leaf), but it also doesn’t rely only on gasoline, nor on a conventional hybrid engine. It’s the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to save some gas while making the rounds around town, the Volt will get you where you need to be without using a drop of gas.

Fuel Efficiency

How exactly is this hybrid going to benefit your fuel efficiency? Running solely on its electric motor, the Environmental Protection Agency has rated the Volt running at 98 miles per gallon. Now, the car obviously isn’t using gasoline at this point, but this means the car is using the energy equivalent of 98 miles per gallon. Impressive, right? Running on the gasoline motor alone, it still runs at an impressive 35 miles per gallon in town and 40 on the highway.

Whether you’re traveling around town or out of the city, the Volt will get you there more efficiently than many other vehicles today.

All the Bells and Whistles

The Volt really shows off the evolution of the electric motor. While there seems to be a stereotype that electric motors aren’t able to travel as fast as conventional cars, the Volt blows that out of the water by being able to travel at least at a 100 miles per hour only on the electric motor.

Other than power and great handling, the Volt also received a five-star crash test rating and boasts 18 air bags. The Volt also features climate control, an excellent audio system, head and leg room, and a decent 10.6 cubic feet of trunk space.

Whether you’re looking for a fuel efficient or a fun car to drive, Chevy has your answer in the Chevy Volt. If you’re in the market for a car that will get you around Dallas for virtually nothing, while still giving you the handling and power you would want in a conventional vehicle, then you should definitely go with the Chevy Volt.


Go With the Volt for Dallas Traffic

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