2017 Chevrolet Camaro

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Muscle cars are wonderful cars for summer. The warm weather and summer tires make handling a dream, and driving with the top down in Dallas as everyone stares at you enviously is tons of fun. Before summer comes to a close, check out the 2017 Camaro for optimum late-summer enjoyment.

Great Engine Options

The 2017 Camaro offers a V6 or V8 engine. If you love feeling power rumble through your bones while driving a sports car, then of course you’ll go for the V8, which offers an incredible 650 horsepower and 650 pounds per foot of torque. Still, the V6 opens up this amazing vehicle to more Dallas drivers who want the fun of a muscle car that’s more affordable.

Chevy offers the “1LE” trim for both engines, which makes the 2017 Camaro more race-worthy. The 1LE package adds more cooling for the engines, a few aerodynamic tweaks to the body, and a suspension that can handle zooming around the track. Even new sports-car drivers who opt for the V6 will feel the power and understand the speed addiction that Camaro fans feel every time they hop behind the wheel!

Interior Luxury

The Camaro boasts a suede-wrapped, flat-bottom steering wheel, which may be the first upscale item you notice when you sit down in the car. It certainly won’t be the last, however. RECARO-brand performance seats come standard in the 2017 Camaro, and suede inserts make you feel more comfortable. Plus, the flashy red seatbelts add a wonderful flare of color. Even the gear shift is suede.

Show Off Attractive Muscle With the Top Down on Dallas Streets

Opt for a soft-top convertible to drive the Dallas roads in serious style. You can retract the top while you’re driving up to 30 mph with the press of a simple button. Your “key fob” remote will do it for you too. When the top is down, a tonneau cover slides over it to keep your Camaro looking sleek and performing like a champ. The 2017 Camaro is full of muscle, and Chevy designers made sure every inch of that muscle has purpose. From the streamlined profile to the huge front grille, each detail ensures amazing speed and handling.

Connect Your Phone

Technology isn’t everything, and you might not even need entertainment while driving the 2017 Camaro since the driving experience is so engaging. Being able to connect your phone, however, is a fantastic perk. The Camaro supports both Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The attractive infotainment display offers icon tiles from which you can control your phone. Make calls, listen to music, and use voice commands so that you never have to look at your phone’s screen while you’re driving.

Whether you’re a muscle-car aficionado or a new fan of sports cars, the 2017 Camaro has features you’ll love. Hop behind the wheel and discover what it feels like to drive with real power under your feet and at your fingertips.

End the Summer in a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro

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