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The Chevrolet Trax is a small SUV introduced in 2015, and it became the second best-selling SUV in the United States during that first year, totaling over 63,000 vehicles sold. The auto manufacturer introduced a new version of the Trax this February, billing it as a “more expressive take” on the previous edition. Keep reading to learn about some of the specifics that make the Trax truly terrific.

A Powerful, Fuel-Sipping Machine

Under the hood, you’ll find a standard 1.4-liter turbo-charged ECOTEC engine that provides ample power. The engine equips the Chevy Trax to get up to 33 miles per gallon on the highway, ensuring that you can go on plenty of lengthy road trips without stopping for frequent fill ups.

A Sporty, Stylish Choice

The 2017 Trax features a trendy, sculpted look with a brand new front fascia and the manufacturer’s proportioned dual port grille. Furthermore, some trim levels include halogen reflector headlamps and LED signature lighting, plus dual tail lamps.

Tech-Savvy Features to Spare

If you get the Trax equipped with the available 4G LTE connection, it lets you connect up to seven devices to high-speed wireless Internet. Whether you can’t go without your tablet or would rather not take trips without a fully connected smartphone, you don’t have to leave either one at home.

Furthermore, the Trax includes a seven-inch diagonal touchscreen display that’s compatible with Apple products. When correctly configured, it shows the familiar icons of your Apple devices on the screen and makes it simple to select audiobooks, music, and podcasts to make trips more entertaining. The in-car technology also works with the Android Auto system, giving you even more options for staying plugged in to favorite apps on the go.

Packed With Safety Features

It’s always wise to drive as safely as you can, but the 2017 Chevrolet Trax offers several active and passive safety features to provide additional protection beyond what responsible driving can. Feel safe with the 10 standard air bags that instantly inflate during an impact to cushion your body from the resultant blow.

Furthermore, you can get this car with an available lane departure warning system that gives an alert if you’re traveling at or above 35 miles per hour and drift out of your lane without switching on the turn signal. Alternatively, opt to purchase this vehicle with the rear cross traffic alert warning. It alerts you when other vehicles are coming across your path of travel so you can act accordingly to avoid getting in wrecks.

Finally, there’s a forward collision alert feature which is designed with the principle that even when you’re an alert driver, it’s sometimes hard to anticipate other drivers’ behavior. This active safety feature relies on cameras and constantly scans the road in front of you. When in danger of getting into a crash, you’ll see and hear alerts that help you gain awareness and respond promptly.

These are just a few reasons to give the 2017 Chevy Trax a try during a test drive. After that, you may become a proud owner.

Chevy Updates the Trax for 2017

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