In 1953, Chevy introduced the iconic Corvette. 13 years later, its little brother Camaro was born. And, for over 50 years the battle has been raging on between the two for muscle-car supremacy. Respectively, each one’s prowess has been put to the test. Both have stunning body styles and plenty of power-pumping performance. But, the question remains, which is the best? Here are 8 times these supercharged siblings have gone grille-to-grille to resolve this longstanding rivalry.


Though the ‘Vette set the standard for Michigan muscle at the time, while still just a toddler in 1968, it was a blue custom Chevy Camaro that was one of the first vehicles to be immortalized by Hot Wheels. Mattel’s models have set the standard for encapsulating American car culture in miniature form, and this time, it was Camaro that came out on top.

Score: Corvette 0 – Camaro 1



In the 50’s and 60’s the Corvette set the tone in the field of endurance racing. But, by the time the 70’s rolled around, Camaro was making its push for glory. Both SCCA champions, Corvette and Camaro met for 12 hours of Sebring to settle the score once-and-for-all. Camaro bulked up to compete against his big brother in the GT 5.0L+ class, but it was Dick Lang’s Corvette that would win the day, barely edging out the Camaro as first-in-class.

Score: Corvette 1 – Camaro 1



By the mid-seventies Camaro had seemed to even out on its performance level, with the most popular model being the 165 horsepower Rally Sport model. Corvette took the opportunity to show him who was still Alpha with a 205 horsepower L82 option. And, for a while, Corvette was able to enjoy its moment in the sun.

Score: Corvette 2 – Camaro 1



Corvette enjoyed the title of “King” for 9 whole years before Camaro decided to retake the throne. Both boasting automatic transmissions that could out-perform the competition, it was the Z/28 Camaro’s five-speed transmission that ran 0-60 a full second or more faster than the C4 Corvette’s four-speed transmission could handle.

Score: Corvette 2 – Camaro 2



For 14 years the feud had quelled. Corvette had retaken its place at the head of the table as the fastest in the entire realm of GM sports cars. ‘Vette was again king of the Chevy automotive outlaws, but then, Camaro switched sides. Police officers began driving B4C package Camaros; a streamlined version of the Z/28 but with more get-up-and-go and less frills, giving the boys in blue a faster yet light-weight cruiser to catch ne’er-do-wells.  

Score: Corvette 2 – Camaro 3



Then, 4 years later, Camaro hit a skid. Sales of Camaros dropped substantially and Corvette used this time to regain its dominance. Corvette sales flourished and Camaro, once again, took a backseat to big brother.

Score: Corvette 3 – Camaro 3



Seven years later, Hollywood intervened on part of Camaro. Its appearance in the widely-popular Transformers movie catapulted Camaro back to every cinema-going, Chevy-enthusiast’s “must have” list. Though, the time-tested C5 Corvette was a better discount at the dealership, the court of public approval prevailed, and the Camaro was the big winner in 2009.

Score: Corvette 3 – Camaro 4




When it came time to debut their 10-speed automatic, who did Chevy call upon? Of course it was the battle-tested, reliable Corvette. Right? Wrong. Camaro had been outselling Corvette by a factor of five-to-one. So, Chevy fitted it with a 10-speed automatic, 640 horsepower supercharged V8 engine and displayed it to the masses to bask in its glory.

Score: Corvette 3 – Camaro 5


It looks like, based on this score, that Camaro is the victor in total Chevy muscle car control. But, even when all is said and done, both cars are just downright fun to drive. In this humble writer’s opinion, either way, you can’t go wrong. The competition may continue to rage on through the ages between these two brothers, but the one constant in which both have consistently been in agreement on is the ability to offer you the freedom of the open road and a life of total exhilaration. Enjoy the ride!




Bow Tie Clad Brothers Historic Clash for Chevy Dominance

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